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Poly Seals - Serrated

Seals Plastic Strapping To ensure positive joint strength on all types of synthetic strapping, Leicatex seals along with applicable sealer are used to form crimp joints. Crimp joints are formed by compressing the seal onto overlapping strap ends. The holding power of the joint is generated by friction between the strap and the seal.

Poly Seals - Plain

Seals Plastic Strapping To ensure positive joint strength on all types of synthetic strapping, Leicatex seals along with applicable sealer are used to form crimp joints. Crimp joints are formed by compressing the seal onto overlapping strap ends. The holding power of the joint is generated by friction between the strap and the seal.

Steel Strapping Seals - Open

Also known as “snap-on” seals, these are put over the overlapping strapping ends after tensioning.

Steel Strapping Seals - Pusher

Also known as “overlap” seals and are pre-threaded and used when strap is tensioned by butting the nose of the push-type tensioner against the seal.

Steel Strapping Seals - Thread-on

Also known as “Closed” seals. Strapping must be threaded through before tensioning.


Buckles come in assortment of sizes to match the width of the strap being used. We can assist you indetermining which buckles are most suitable for your system.

Dispensers - Steel Strap Products

The Steel Strap Dispenser is a heavy duty dispenser designed for use with all oscillated wound steel strap coils. In addition to a convenient tray for tools and seals and 8" wheels it features the exclusive strap roller payoff system to prevent kinks and strap spill-over.

Dispensers - Poly Strap Products

This dispenser is identical to the Steel Strap Dispenser above, except it is designed for 16 x 3 and 16 x 6 coils of plastic strapping.

Dispensers - Cari Strap Products

Comes in 4 models to make is Cari Strap even easier.

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